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Student Affairs Uses MailMeter for Email Efficiency

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By Julia McBee

August 3, 2015 – 

MailMeter is a service offered by the Students Affairs IT Team to help search, retrieve and archive emails. All emails sent and received to your mailbox will be automatically sent to MailMeter for archiving and attachment stubbing. Student Affairs has been using Mailmeter for over six years now and has seen the size of mailboxes go from 2GB to averaging around 500mb (0.5 GB). This has increased the performance of Microsoft Outlook (the preferred desktop email client) and reduced calls to IT Assistance.

The purpose of MailMeter is aid in decreasing the size of your mailbox and making your email program work faster. If you delete any emails from your mailbox, the emails will still be accessible in MailMeter through search and retrieval. As well, emails that are older than 30 days will have their attachments stubbed.

Stubbing means that an attachment is removed from an email and is stored onto the MailMeter server. The removed attachment is replaced by a link in an email that directs you to download the attachment in MailMeter.

Access to MailMeter

To access the MailMeter Individual Search and Discovery (ISD), you can logon at using your Division of Student Affairs credentials.

If you are not using a Division computer, you may be directed to VPN to access the website.

Please note, it will take four hours from the time emails are received to appear in the MailMeter search results.

Additional Help and Information

For more information on utilizing MailMeter, open the attached PDF and learn more about the updated ways to search for emails. You can type in any phrase, word, number or date to search for the email.

If you are still having issues with MailMeter, the Student Affairs IT Assistance team is now providing 30-minute training sessions. To participate in the MailMeter 30-minute trainings, please contact IT Assistance at 352.392.2465 or to schedule an appointment.