Image of Blue Whale with text showing it only takes one night to migrate to Windows 10

Windows 10 Migration
for UF Student Affairs

The Division of Student Affairs will be migrating to Windows 10. This site will help you find out when you're scheduled to migrate. You'll also find resources like migration guides and pre-migration checklists towards the bottom of this page.

It only takes one night to migrate!

Training Schedule

Who Time Location
Open to All Staff Migrating
Student Engagement (BCLS/RU/SAI) TBD TBD
Student Government TBD TBD
All Division Staff TBD TBD
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Migration Schedule

Department Date Schedule
Housing & Residence Education
Maintenance Superintendents 4/6/17 Completed
Maintenance Project Managers 4/7/17 Completed
Maintenance Support & MHO Staff 4/10/17 Completed
Maintenance Cable Shop 4/11/17 Completed
Maintenance AC & Steam Shop 4/12/17 Completed
Maintenance Electrical Shop 4/13/17 Completed
Maintenance Furniture Shop 4/14/17 Completed
Maintenance Area Supervisors 4/17/17 Completed
Maintenance Area Shared Computers 4/19/17 Completed
RLE MHO Staff 4/21/17 Completed
RLE Area Coordinators 5/2/17 Completed
RLE Graham Staff 4/25/17 Completed
RLE Area Graduate Staff 4/27/17 Completed
RLE GFH Area Staff 4/28/17 Completed
Admin Services MHO/OCL/YCS Staff 5/1/17 Completed
Admin Services Area Desks 5/3/17 Completed
Admin Services & OCL Marketing 5/5/17 Completed
Admin Services Security 5/8/17 Completed
Executive Director & Human Resources 5/8/17 Completed
Financial Services Accounts 5/9/17 Completed
Financial Services Office Services 5/11/17 Completed
Financial Services Warehouse 5/12/17 Completed
Building Services MHO Staff & Superintendents 5/16/17 Completed
Building Services Supervisors 5/18/17 Completed
Building Services Shared Computers 5/22/17 Completed
Office of the Executive Director Staff 5/24/17 Completed
Division Specialty Computers
Division Meeting Space Computers 5/24/17 Completed
Division Marketing Computers 5/25/17 Completed
Center for Leadership and Service
Main Staff 5/26/17 Completed
Student Computers 5/30/17 Completed
GatorWell Health Promotion Services
Main Staff 5/31/17 Completed
Multicultural and Diversity Affairs
Main Staff 6/1/17 Completed
Hispanic-Latino Affairs 6/2/17 Completed
Black Affairs 6/2/17 Completed
Asian Pacific Islander Affairs 6/2/17 Completed
LGBTQ Affairs 6/2/17 Completed
Career Resource Center
Administration 6/5/17 Completed
Business Services Administrations 6/6/17 Completed
Career Development 6/7/17 Completed
Employer Relations 6/8/17 Completed
Spare Laptops 6/9/17 Completed
Dean of Students Office
Administration 6/14/17 Completed
Care Area 6/15/17 Completed
DRC Main Staff 6/16/17 Completed
DRC Student Staff 6/19/17 Completed
DRC Test Lab 3/6/17 Completed
DRC Test Room 3/6/17 Completed
New Student & Family Programs 6/20/17 Completed
Student Conduct & Conflict Resolution 6/22/17 Completed
Student Organizations 6/23/17 Completed
Veterans Success 6/26/17 Completed
Recreational Sports
CORE 7/6/17 Completed
SWRC 106 Area Main Staff 6/27/17 Completed
SWRC 106 Area Student Staff 6/30/17 Completed
SWRC Back Offices 7/3/17 Completed
SWRC Maintenance & Exterior Building 7/7/17 Completed
SWRC Check-in Station & Equipment Checkout 7/10/17 Completed
SRFC 7/11/17 Completed
Lake Wauburg 7/13/17 Completed
BORC 7/13/17 Completed
Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs
AVP and Directors 7/14/17 Completed
Administrative Assistant Staff & Students 7/17/17 Completed
MFOS 7/18/17 Completed
Assistant to the Vice President 7/19/17 Completed
Vice President for Student Affairs 7/20/17 Completed
Student Engagement
Test Users (Tara Siler / Brian Brasington) 12/9/2019 In Progress
Group 1 12/10/2019 Not Started
Group 2 12/11/2019 Not Started
Reitz Hotel Shared Key Card Computer 12/11/2019 Not Started
HR Assistant (Evelyn Anderson) 12/16/2019 Not Started
Student Government
Main Staff TBD Not Started

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