From the settings menu select Wi-Fi on the left hand column and connect to “ufgetonline”. Once connected to “ufgetonline” the following window will pop up. Select “Get Online” *Note: if the window below does not appear, please open safari and navigate to* After you select “Get Online” you will be automatically taken to a Log In webpage. Verify that …


Connect to Wireless Network EDUROAM Auth Type – PEAP Certificate – Do Not Validate UN – Anon ID – Blank Password – Gatorlink Password


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Problematic Programs

Software That Causes Connection Issues & Violations This page has been developed to provide you with a base guideline of the programs that we found to have caused connection problems and/or DHNet AUP violations. Please note that this list is NOT inclusive of all programs and that it is up to you to know what type of software is installed …


Step 1 Go to Settings > Network > Wireless > Set up new wireless connection Step 2 Locate UF  network from the list of the available networks Step 2 After selecting your network, you should see two green checks and one red X next to “the Internet” Step 4 After you see the red “X” , the Hotel & Dorm Connect …

Apple TV

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