Illustration of an astronaut sitting on a comet that says 'Halley's Comet Takes 76 years to come around. Calling mom takes 10 minutes' Illustration that says '10 minutes is all it takes to make the transition to the UF Ative Directory'

Transition to
UF Active Directory, Exchange, and VoIP

The Division of Student Affairs, in collaboration with UF Information Technology, will be transitioning user accounts, email mailboxes, Skype/Lync accounts, and VoIP to the central campus system in an effort to provide more efficiency and align with campus IT strategy. This project site will serve as your resource for the tutorials, project schedules, and quick help links.

Phase 1 covers the use of GatorLink accounts to login to your work computers.
Phase 2 covers the migration of email mailboxes from the Housing, Reitz Union, and Student Government email servers into the campus UF Exchange email offering.
Phase 3 covers the integration and standardization of the UF Housing network into the UF campus design.
Phase 4 covers the migration of Housing-supported Voice-over-IP (VoIP) telephones to the UF VoIP service.

Phase 1 and 2 Schedule

These departments and offices will be going through both Phase 1 and 2 at the same time.
Department Date Schedule
J. Wayne Reitz Union Starting 8/10/2018 Not Started
Student Activities and Involvement Starting 8/3/2018 Not Started
-Brown Center for Leadership and Service Starting 8/3/2018 Not Started
Student Government Advising and Operations Starting 8/3/2018 Not Started
Student Government Finance Starting 8/3/2018 Not Started
Student Legal Services Starting 8/3/2018 Not Started

Phase 2 Schedule

These departments and offices will be going through Phase 2 only. Phase 1 was already completed.
Department Date Schedule
Information Technology Starting 6/8/2018 Completed
ACUHO-I Starting 8/3/2018 Not Started
Career Connections Center Starting 8/3/2018 Not Started
Dean of Students Office Starting 7/20/2018 Not Started
Disability Resource Center Starting 7/20/2018 Not Started
Housing and Residence Education Starting 7/27/2018 Not Started
- Off Campus Life Starting 7/13/2018 Completed
- Office of Youth Conference Services Starting 7/27/2018 Not Started
Marketing and Communications Starting 8/3/2018 Not Started
Multicultural and Diversity Affairs Starting 7/20/2018 Not Started
Office of Assessment and Research Starting 8/3/2018 Not Started
Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs Starting 8/3/2018 Not Started
- Engagement and Development Starting 8/3/2018 Not Started
- First Generation Student Success Starting 8/3/2018 Not Started
- Machen Florida Opportunity Scholars Starting 8/3/2018 Not Started
Recreational Sports Starting 7/20/2018 Not Started
- GatorWell Health Promotion Services Starting 8/3/2018 Not Started

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