• Policy Number: 2018-01
  • Type of Policy: Administrative
  • Effective Date: July 1, 2018
  • Last Revised: April 2018
  • Policy Owner: Student Affairs Department of Information Technology
  • Policy Contact: Steven Bourdon, IT Associate Director

1. Reason for Policy

To standardize the suffix of all Division of Student Affairs (DSA) email addresses.

2. Policy Statement

All Division of Student Affairs email addresses will unify with a standard prefix for all staff emails. This policy will also apply to student accounts which use email and are not service accounts. All prefixes that do not meet the new standard will be retired eighteen months after policy implementation. This policy will initially only apply to newly hired employees. The new standardized prefix will be firstinitiallastname@ufsa.ufl.edu e.g. msmith@ufsa.ufl.edu. In the case of an existing address, a middle initial will be used as a tiebreak e.g. mpsmith@ufsa.ufl.edu. In the event there is a need for a second-level tiebreak, the second letter of the first name will be used e.g. mapsmith@ufsa.ufl.edu. Consideration will be given to an employee that has a preferred first name rather than their birth name e.g. Mary Patricia Smith would be issued psmith@ufsa.ufl.edu as her preferred first name is Patricia.

All new employees hired after the Division’s IT Rationalization project email migration will be issued a firstinitiallastname@ufsa.ufl.edu email address. Email migration is tentatively set to be complete late Q2 2018. Post migration, all current DSA staff members will have a firstinitiallastname@ufsa.ufl.edu alias added to their current default email address to facilitate the current default email address retirement.

3. Scope

This policy applies to all DSA staff and student staff members.

Email domains scheduled to retire:

@offcampus.ufl.edu @multicultural.ufl.edu

4. Definitions

  • Email Suffix: The username portion of an email address to the right of the @ symbol, e.g. username@.
  • Default Email Address: The current email address used to send and receive email.
  • Alias: An additional email address that can be bound to a default email address. The default email address will receive email to the alias but will send outbound email only from the default address.
  • Email Domains: Email suffixes that are currently being managed by DSA Email servers.

5. Procedures

  • Email Allocation: All newly hired DSA personnel will be issued a username@ufsa.ufl.edu address.
    • Email Aliases: @ufsa.ufl.edu email aliases will be applied to all DSA staff members’ default email addresses beginning after the email migration.
    • Email Domain Retirement: All DSA Departmental email domains will be retired eighteen months after email migration. Tentatively end of calendar year 2019.

    6. Forms


    7. Frequently Asked Questions


      8. Responsibilities

      8.1. Responsible Party

      UFIT if no administrative access is granted to DSA IT.

      8.2. Responsible Party

      DSA IT if administraive access is granted.

      9. Enforcement

      DSA IT will ensure that all newly hired employees are granted username@ufsa.ufl.edu email addresses. DSA IT will ensure that all current DSA email domains will be retired per the established schedule.

      10. Related Information


      11. Policy Revision History

      • 02/09/2018 – S. Bourdon, DSA IT
        • Original Policy drafted
      • 02/13/2018 – S. Bourdon, DSA IT
        • Policy updated
      • 03/29/2018 – M. Pendleton, DSA IT
        • Ratified by D. Parrott