Welcome to the Division of Student Life. Please use the information below to get your computer configured for use with UF’s Internet Services

Mac @Home Checklist OR PC @Home Checklist
We have developed a checklist that you can follow at home to set up your computer before you get to campus. When you arrive to campus, you will be able to just plug in your Ethernet cable and get started.

Connection Requirements
In order to connect to the EDUROAM Service you must meet certain requirements. Here you will find a list of important connection requirements; if you do not meet these basic requirements you will be unable to establish a connection.

Connection Recommendations
Programs ranging from security software to Massively Multiplayer Online games may interfere with the stability of your connection. This section provides information which will help you avoid an accidental restriction or needing to visit the Student Life IT Help Desk. We strongly recommend that you follow these recommendations so you can achieve the best performance on the network.

Entertainment Device Registration

Entertainment Device Registration is a service that will allow devices that do not support 802.1x authentication access to Internet Services. Most entertainment devices that have an Ethernet port (with the exception of personal computers) are able to be registered.

The Division of Student Life  Technology Services has technicians located in convenient areas of campus to provide support to all residents when problems arise. These locations, as well as the hours of operation, are posted on the Student Life IT website in addition to alternative support solutions.

Here you will find the UF’s acceptable use policy, (AUP). You will be held responsible for not abiding by these rules even if you choose not to read them.

There is an Ethernet port in your room. We also provide wireless access in all residential common areas and we are working to extend the wireless signal into all of the residence halls.