In early 2018, Student Affairs IT completed the full implementation of our World Class Wireless service throughout all undergraduate residence halls. Due to this, we highly suggest that residents in our halls use the wireless network as their primary connection type. UF provides an internet on-boarding program that allows you to easily connect to the network! Here’s how:

  1. First, connect to the ufgetonline network and go to
  2. Download and run Cloudpath; when prompted, select wireless setup.
    1. Make sure that you use your full email address and install the policy key!
  3. After running Cloudpath, you should find that you are now connected to the eduroam network. Congratulations, you are now connected and ready to use the internet!

While we would like every student to trust in our World Class Wireless, we understand that some people may bring computers that do not have wireless capabilities. These students will still be able to connect their computer into the network using an ethernet cable.

NOTE: Some rooms will have a box with 3 ports on one side of the room (this is the “AP”) and a simple wall jack on the other. However, not all rooms are the same, and you may be missing one or both of these depending on your residence hall.

The setup for the wired connection is very similar to the wireless setup:

  1. Start off by plugging the open end of your ethernet cable either directly in to the wall port or into the port labelled “Get Connected” (far left) on the AP.
  2. Go to and download and run Cloudpath; when prompted, select the wired setup.
    1. Make sure that you use your full email address and install the policy key!
  3. After you input your username and password, unplug the cable from the “Get Connected” port and plug it securely into the port labelled “Computers” (far right).
    1. If you are not plugged in to an AP and have a regular wall port, you do not need to switch the cable to anything.
  4. Once Cloudpath has finished, you should be all connected!

If you experience any issues while trying to connect to either the wireless or wired connections, please refer to our troubleshooting page.