All streaming devices can connect to the wireless network ufdevice or the wired
service by following these steps:

  • Please note: Due to configuration setting of Chromecast TVs and “SmartCast” TVs connect, they are not supported on the network
  1. Go into settings and look for network or internet settings
  2. Find MAC address
    1. Could also be called something like Physical or Network Address
    2. Should be an alphanumeric combination that looks like this: XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX
    3. Make sure what you register matches your connection type (If using wireless, register wireless address, wired for wired)
  3. Enter MAC address into the device registration website and select “Smart TV”
  4. Once you receive email letting you know registration has been approved, connect to the UFDevice network with the password “gogators” for wireless, and plug the device into the wall port with an Ethernet cable for wired.