Software That Causes Connection Issues & Violations

This page has been developed to provide you with a base guideline of the programs that we found to have caused connection problems and/or DHNet AUP violations. Please note that this list is NOT inclusive of all programs and that it is up to you to know what type of software is installed on your computer, and if it will violate the DHNet Acceptable Use Policy.

Virus Protection

The following is a list of anti-virus solutions that are known to cause connection issues on our network. It is recommended to not install and use these products while using DHNet Internet Services. In many cases, the software listed will prevent you from authenticating to our network or passing SafeConnect Posture Assessment. Please use our recommended free antivirus and antimalware solutions instead.

  • ALYac or ALZip Anti-Virus – all versions (also uses BitTorrent P2P and will cause a violation of DHNet AUP)
  • ESET NOD32 – all versions
  • IObit Malware Fighter – all versions
  • IObit Advanced SystemCare – all versions
  • Kaspersky – all versions
  • McAfee – all versions
  • Symantec – all versions
  • Trend Micro – all versions
  • Webroot – all versions
  • P2P Software

    Below is a list of software that is considered P2P software for the use of seeding and serving files and will generate DHNet AUP violations. Please visit the DHNet Acceptable Use Policy for more information. Please note that this list is not complete list of all P2P clients as many programs are created daily utilizing P2P technology. The use of this software for seeding (sharing) or downloading copyrighted material is prohibited under the DHNet Acceptable Use Policy.

    Generic P2P Clients

    • Ares/Ares Galaxy
    • Folx
    • Graboid (uses Ares protocol)
    • iMesh (IM2NET)
    • MP3Rocket

    BitTorrent Clients

    • ABC
    • Acquisition
    • Azureus
    • BitComet
    • BitLord
    • BitRaider Streaming Client
    • BitSpirit
    • BitTornado
    • Deluge
    • FlashGet
    • Freeloader
    • GOM Media Player / Gretech Corporation software
    • libtorrent
    • Mainline
    • Miro
    • Opera Web Browser (BitTorrent client built in – can disable)
    • Osprey Permaseed
    • Popcorn Time (website and client)
    • qTorrent
    • rTorrent
    • Transmission
    • µTorrent
    • Xtorrent
    • Xunlei Thunder Downloader
    • Vuze

    Gnutella Clients

    • Acquisition and AcquisitionX (Mac)
    • BearShare
    • Cabos
    • FrostWire
    • Funshion P2P
    • Limewire
    • Morpheus (uses Gnutella protocol)
    • MP3 Rocket and MP3 Rocket Pro
    • Poisoned
    • ScienceNet P2P search engine
    • XFactor

    P2PTV Clients

    • Joost
    • Miro
    • Pando
    • PeerLive
    • PPStream
    • QvodPlayer

    EDonkey Clients

    • aMule
    • eDonkey2000
    • eMule
    • Hydranode
    • iMule
    • JMule
    • Jubster
    • Lphant
    • MLDonkey
    • Morpheus
    • Pruna
    • Shareaza
    • xMule
    • FlashGet
    • Unintentional Violations

      Below is a list of programs that are potential P2P DHNet violations. You will be held responsible for determining how the programs on your computer work and whether or not they will result in a restriction. Please note that this is not a comprehensive list. There may be other programs that DHNet@Home is unaware of that may cause a restriction. Also note, if any of these programs turn your computer into a server or allow any copyrighted material to be downloaded or uploaded, then you risk being in violation of the DHNet Acceptable Use Policy.

      Many of these programs can be removed from your computer. Click here to see instructions on how to remove P2P programs.

      Gaming Software

      • Allods Online (BitTorrent – Uses Pando Media Booster)
      • Atlantica Online (BitTorrent – Uses Pando Media Booster)
      • Company of Heroes (BitTorrent)
      • CrossFire (BitTorrent)
      • Diablo (disable the P2P functionality PC) (BitTorrent)
      • Dungeons and Dragons Online (BitTorrent)
      • Ghost Recon (BitTorrent)
      • Ijji Reactor (BitTorrent)
      • Maple Story (BitTorrent – Uses Pando Media Booster but can use non-Pando version)
      • Plane Shift (BitTorrent)
      • Playstation 3 Metal Gear Solid Updates (BitTorrent)
      • Relic Downloader (BitTorrent)
      • Starcraft (disable the P2P functionality PC | Mac) (BitTorrent)
      • Tera / Tera Rising by En Masse (BitTorrent)
      • War Thunder (BitTorrent)
      • World of Warcraft (disable the P2P functionality) (BitTorrent)

      Media Software and Streaming

      • Adobe Flash Player Version 10 (BitTorrent)
      • BBC iPlayer
      • CoolStreaming
      • Cybersky-TV
      • fasttudo
      • Freecast
      • IceShare
      • IT-Koo
      • Jaman
      • Jamendo
      • Joost
      • LiveStation
      • Mashboxx
      • Miro
      • NBC Direct Media Streamer (Uses Pando Media Booster)
      • OctoShape (Ares and BitTorrent)
      • Pando Media Booster (BitTorrent)
      • P2PTV
      • PeerCast
      • PPLive
      • QVOD Download Accelerator (BitTorrent and EDonkey)
      • QVOD Player (BitTorrent and EDonkey)
      • Rawflow
      • Sopcast (EDonkey Protocol)
      • Soulseek
      • tuduo
      • TVants
      • TVUPlayer
      • Vuze
      • Zattoo

      Download Management

  • FlashGet (EDonkey and BitTorrent and BitComet Protocols)
  • Orbit Downloader (BitTorrent)


  • Electronic Sheep
  • Open Media Network
  • Osiris
  • Spyware Terminator
  • Tor
  • Ventrilo
  • YaCy

VPN Software

Below is a list of software VPN clients. Please note that according to our Acceptable Use Policy, accessing and using a VPN client other than the UF GatorLink VPN Client while on the UF Housing Network is prohibited. Additionally, using a VPN software to access content not available to you in your current region could trigger a DMCA or P2P level violation.

  • Hamachi VPN (all versions and types)
  • Hola Better Internet VPN Client (all versions and types)
  • Windows PPTP VPN Client