What is it?

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) outlines prohibitions regarding unauthorized use (including distribution) of literary/artistic works in digital form. While using internet services you are required to abide by the rules set up in the DMCA. You can read more about the law here.

What happens when a violation occurs?

Student Life IT staff often receive outside complaints from legal officials indicating that a person using the network is violating the copyright on a specific “work.” A complaint contains technical evidence of a download from a location on the network that allows for identification of the user via the public information contained within the download. When Student Life Network Administration staff receive such a complaint, this information is referred to the Coordinator of Residential Judicial Programs in the Main Housing Office and the student is contacted by email.

This type of violation is an automatic level 3 and the student in violation is immediately restricted to viewing only UFL.EDU websites. The student is required to contact the office for the Coordinator of Residential Judicial Programs to set up a meeting in order to regain full access to the Internet. The Coordinator for Residential Judicial Affairs determines the length of the restriction and then notifies the Student Life Network Administration staff.