Step 1

Go to Settings > Network > Wireless > Set up new wireless connection


Step 2

Locate UF  network from the list of the available networks


Step 2

After selecting your network, you should see two green checks and one red X next to “the Internet”


Step 4

After you see the red “X” , the Hotel & Dorm Connect dialog box will appear. Select “I am at the hotel or college dorm”.


Step 5

On your TV you will see a screen with instructions for you to follow using your smartphone, tablet or laptop.


Step 6

From your smartphone, tablet or laptop, go to wireless settings and select the wireless network in step 2 on your TV screen.
(Screens below are shown on a Samsung Galaxy S6. Your screens may vary.)


Step 7

Enter the password located in step 5 on your TV screen.


Step 8

After you enter the password and press “connect”, open up a web browser and enter the required information.

Your are now connected!