Step 1. On the System Panel, navigate to Settings.

Step 2. Select Network Settings.

Step 3. Select View Connection Status. You will see this page. Please now register the MAC Address (Wi-Fi) on our website at Device Registration

*Note: If you wish to connect using an Ethernet cable, submit the WIRED/ ETHERNET MAC Address for registration. Once it has been approved, you can simply plug in an Ethernet cable, connect, and disregard the following steps.

Step 4. Go back to network settings and select Set Up Internet Connection.

Step 5. Please Select Use Wi-Fi

Step 6. Select Easy Setup then Select “ufdevice

Step 7. You can now enter in the password. The password is gogators

Your PS4 is now online wirelessly. You will see the following screens and then you will be able to play online/ stream media.