NOTE: These self-help tutorials are provided for all Student Life employees (Faculty, Staff, and Students) and are specific for use in the Division of Student Life. We are updating this area often so make sure to refresh the page on each visit.

What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a hub for teamwork. It’s a platform for departments to securely edit and collaborate files as well as “like”, “mention”, and “comment” on ideas with just a single tap. It can be customized with channels, notes, website links, and apps. The Microsoft Teams App allows work to be done from any location on any device.

The Microsoft Teams app is available on all major platforms (Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices). In Student Life, the Microsoft Teams is installed by default and just requires sign-in to start using. We highly encourage you to install on all your personal devices for best experience.

Quick Start


Tips and Tricks

Best Practices

It’s important to remember these guidelines when working with Teams. This will help eliminate any duplication or confusion.

  • Does a Team already exist for this?
  • Establish the purpose of the team
  • Build channels and content prior to inviting people
  • Craft a welcome announcement
  • Keep owners to a minimum but have at least two for continuity
  • Configure Team settings as needed
  • Install Teams on all your devices, personal and UF owned